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Spark Plug Wires

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Sparkplug wires for Sportster. 

Accel, 8.8 ready to install, custom fit wire sets. The diameter of the wire has been increased to 8.8mm to prevent spark energy from leaking through the insulation. Extra thick silicone jacket covers strong fiberglass braid that covers another layer of premium silicone. This dense insulation, covers a high capacity conductor Graphite RFI suppression, which is required for the Harley electronic ignition, to prevent damage to their ignition module. For street or race-track use.

07 - Up

Accel's 8.0 S/S wire sets feature the same great features as the 300+ Series, such as an extra thick 8mm silicone jacket and silicon insulation. These features eliminate electrical "leakage" or RFI interference, that interrupts electronic ignitions and especially the Delphi fuel injection systems found on many Twin-Cam motorcycles. Accel claims that their S/S Wire can deliver up to 5 times more peak energy than "Screaming Eagle" wire sets, even at high temperatures over 500°F (260°C). The ultra-strong Aramid core, together with the fiberglass braiding provide resistance to vibration and "wire stretch", making them durable and reliable. The low 500 Ohms/ft. resistance Ferro-Spiral core material delivers maximum spark energy to the spark plugs, without diminishing or suppressing the spark energy. Compare that to the 2,500 Ohms/ft common in many other top-of-the-line wire sets and you know why the Accel S/S wire is what you need for getting the best performance out of your motorcycle. S/S Spark Plug Wires are available in custom fit sets that are pre-terminated and ready for quick and easy installation. Accel S/S Wire sets are recommended for use on both carbureted and fuel injected motorcycles.

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