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Hydraulic Rear Drum Brake

from 23,995.00

This hydraulic drum will give an absolutely radical and a retro style to your bike, it was designed taking inspiration from Rodder drums of the 50s. The central part is built from cast iron, material with a high degree of friction, it comes with a crown of 51 teeth inside the front plate.
Machined from solid aluminum, the brake shoes are anchored (Type HD from 1958 to '62) and activated by hydraulic cylinders, on the back brass fins are screwed around the drum, and besides giving a very special look they provide an excellent cooling. (When mounted on frames with the original width of the tail, you may want to mount one of our wheel hubs because it's more narrow).
The drum is provided with a perforated aluminum anchor rod which is to be anchored to the frame through a special support, that's also provided.
The drum is available in 2 versions, all chromed including fins, or entirely plated with polished brass fins.

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