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Samwel classic springer fork (In-line)

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For other lengths please contact us! We got several forks and different lengths.

Exact reproduction old style Springer front fork, forged steel like the OEM part. Available as a stock replacement all black fork set, with chrome springs, as well as a complete chrome plated version. Black and chrome plated forks are available as an "in-line" fork or as a negative "off-set" fork. Both are sold as complete fork sets ready to install. Perfect for restoring old models and building Retro Bikes. Most parts are separately available. "In-line" forks were originally made for 1936 thru 1940 Big Twin frames with 28° frame neck and 29° frame neck as used on other Big Twin models from 1941 thru 1945. Offset forks fit the 1946 thru 1948 Big Twin with the 30° frame as well as most reproduction rigid frames with stock 30° neck.

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springer zodiac.png