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Disc brake kit classic springer

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Each kit includes all components to update the good old Big Twin/WLC springer fork (I-Beam Springer forks, too!): dual piston caliper, caliper bracket, brake anchor rod, disc rotor, axle kit, star hub adapter - if required - and all necessary small parts. Just add a brake line and a handlebar master cylinder and you are all set. Two different kits to choose from, for star hub front wheels and for 1973-up flange hubs, each in a standard cad-plated or chrome version. The chrome kits include chromed caliper bracket, anchor rod, wheel axle and some small parts.

Use with Ø12 mm master cylinders! Brake lines attach with 3/8” mm banjos.

1.) The pivot point of the brake shackle on the backing plate or caliper bracket must not be positioned vertically above or in front of the wheel axle (driving direction). In this case the moving forces in your fork parallelogram will be reversed and the fork will rebound instead of being compressed when you apply the brake. This will generate very high forces to impact on your rigid fork leg with possible damage.

2.) Caliper bracket or drum brake backing plate must float on the wheel axle. If not, the fork will rebound as well when applying the brake. Result: see above.

These articles can be used with either DOT4 or DOT5 brake fluid. Nevertheless, DOT4 and DOT5 should never be mixed, due to being chemically not compatible. One should always stay with the same brake fluid type.

Disc brake kit, axle length: 24 cm, required brake fluid: DOT 4 or 5

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discbrake kit.png